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NorCal CrossFit Sept. 17th 2014

Jason and DH coaching the 7 am Mountain View crew through some intense rowing!

Joe Banks has been with NorCal CrossFit since March 2013. He is a total beast in the gym and a truly genuine guy who truly displays what CrossFit is all about. Diagnosed with Usher Syndrome, Joe battles hearing and vision loss while inspiring others with his amazing attitude and work ethic. Those of you who know Joe, know that he doesn't let anything hold him back, whether that's in CrossFit, competition, work, play, or life. CrossFit has been just another challenge turned triumph for Joe. As he says. "You can kill it in the WODs, and people are totally unaware that you have a disability. You're still doing it" Take a minute to watch his story and learn more about his cause in this awesome video made by NorCal's Justin Casas!



Run 800m

30 Burpees

30 GHD Situps

30 Pullups

Run 800m



Summer Wrap up Challenge - Last Week!

HERE are your teams!

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