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   NorCal CrossFit Oct. 24th 2014

Athlete Recognition - RWC
Susan Hayden!

Susan joined us a year and a half ago and has been a constant member of the morning Redwood City crew. Along with her fellow Dreamworks co-workers, she had been coached by our own Coach DH so she came to us comfortable with her capabilities and familiar with CrossFit. She epitomizes what we always ask of everyone - leave your ego at the door! She knows what areas she needs to work on, what movements are out due to injuries, and she's never afraid to scale, substitute or just listen to her coach when she should throttle back. She never skips a day just because the posted workout is something she doesn't want to do; she's confident that together we will find a way for her to get a great workout in! We love her can-do attitude, and hope that people look to her as a great example of what a good attitude can do!

How long have you been a member at NorCal CrossFit?

I've been a member of NorCal CrossFit for a year and a half.   I attend the RWC 7:00 am class with an entourage of voices.  There is the 20 year old me that says "oh I want to do that!", to which I reply "over my dead body".  There is my older sister saying "maybe you are pushing too hard", to which I reply "oh ya? watch this!".  and there is this faint mumbling from my dad, something about the role of women, but I can't quite hear him over the sound of the crashing bars and plates.

In 3-5 words, describe your first CrossFit workout.

I don't remember childbirth either.  

What keeps you coming back to CrossFit?

I know that when I walk in through the door, I am going to get in a good workout.  It will challenge my body and my mind.  I know that I can work with Coach to scale and make substitutions that let me work around limitations yet retain the essence of the WOD.   From there, it's all up to me. I've found that I handle stress so much better.  I approach difficult problems with a clearer mind and an entirely different attitude about success and failure.  I approach tedious tasks with same mind games that get me through tedious WODs; one foot in front of the other.  The people.  It's always fun when Molly takes the morning shift and tries to get us to laugh; it would be fun to have more time to get to know each other.  And we are so lucky to have MIckey coaching us.  It feels good to have that experience and attention to detail when we are pushing ourselves hard and learning new skills.  And my classmates -- the regulars and the drop-ins:  you give me so much more than I can possibly bring to the class.  I owe you all so much. 

What advice would you give to someone who is on the fence about starting? 

First, identify your hesitation.  Are you unsure if it is right for you?  You can always leave, but first you have to try. Is it finding the time?  If you try it and like it,  you will find the time. Is it the money?  This is a really good value.   Is it fear of the unknown?  I get that.   Stepping out of our comfort zone is hard, but so very rewarding.  And once you start,  imagine other stuck places you might find yourself ready to step out of.  Are you ready for that?

Weightlifting or Gymnastics?

 While I love any opportunity to stand on my hands, it would be weightlifting.   It's fascinating to go through the process of learning a lift.   The self consciousness of making your body look and act like a weightlifter, of all things.  The ego clouding your judgement for all the wrong reasons.  The thousand things to remember. Concentrating on feet just to have the knees go awry.  You might not be sure what 'below parallel' feels like yet but you know coach means you when he yells across the gym 'an inch lower!'.  damn.   You feel lucky you got back up at all and you hear "elbows up" from the other side of the room and know she means you.   Then once in a while there is that lift where everything falls into place and you know it.  You feel it.  Your weight was in your heels,  your feet landed in the right place.  The bar didn't fly forward.  Your elbows were quick and high.  And you quickly glance over to coach -- who was watching someone else.    Did I mention humility?

What is your secret ninja skill (everyone has one!)

I haven't done this for a while, but it would have to be single-handing my 35 ft sailboat on San Francisco bay.    I leave the dock with knees of jello, and return to the dock ready for anything life throws at me.   

Outside CrossFit Hobbies?

My current obsession is making pottery.  I am a member at Higher Fire Clay Space in San Jose.    I also paint, and play guitar.  

Share a health/fitness related goal you have for this year

I would like to kick the sugar habit.  (did I just put that in writing?)


Heavy Thruster


7 Rounds
7 DB Thrusters (45/35)
1 Rope Climb (15")

* From

A quick DB Thruster tutorial for ya'll.


Our Annual NorCal Formal will be on Nov 14th held at Hotel Valencia. It's going to be epic! Spaces are limited so keep your eyes out for ticket sales.

Gym Schedule Change this weekend (25th/26th) at Santa Clara

Closed for the weekend due to a Lvl 1. Thanks for your patience!

Instead... come to:

Sat 8:30am Running Class w. Coach Cheryl 
* Class will be held at the Santa Clara High School track! No sign up necessary, just come by! 

Schedule Change at RWC for the NC FIT Classes

The NC FIT classes will switch from 10/10.30am (Mon/Wed/Fri) starting this week - 20th October!

Schedule Change at Mountain View for the NC FIT Classes

The NC Fit classes will switch from 6/6.30pm to 11/11.30am (Mon-Fri) starting this week - 20th October. Thank you!











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