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   NorCal CrossFit October. 23rd 2014

Corn Hole Comp going down at RWC!


Snatch Grip Strict Press 5x5
Snatch Grip Push Press 5x3
*Behind the Neck


10min AMRAP
4 Toes to Bar
8 Push Ups
12 V-Ups


Our Annual NorCal Formal will be on Nov 14th held at Hotel Valencia. It's going to be epic! Spaces are limited so keep your eyes out for ticket sales.

Gym Schedule Change this weekend (25th/26th) at Santa Clara

Closed for the weekend due to a Lvl 1. Thanks for your patience!

Instead... come to:

Sat 8:30am Running Class w. Coach Cheryl 
* Class will be held at the Santa Clara High School track! No sign up necessary, just come by! 

Schedule Change at RWC for the NC FIT Classes

The NC FIT classes will switch from 10/10.30am (Mon/Wed/Fri) starting this week - 20th October!

Schedule Change at Mountain View for the NC FIT Classes

The NC Fit classes will switch from 6/6.30pm to 11/11.30am (Mon-Fri) starting this week - 20th October. Thank you!











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