Posted on January 5, 2014

NorCal CrossFit Jan. 6th 2014

A Start to finish movement sequence of the DB Snatch, thanks to Coach Mickey at Redwood City!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY To Coach Pat for Sunday!! THE BIG 28! We love ya Pat!


It's that time of year again! In the next month we will be gearing up as a community to take on The Open! For those of you who are new to CrossFit or the CrossFit Games, the first round of qualifications for the Games happen around February of every year right here in our very own gym. EVERYONE is invited to enter, whether your goal is to qualify for the CrossFit Games, CrossFit Regionals, improve your scores from last year, or just join in the fun because it's great to be a part of something this big! The workouts are designed to be all-inclusive, meaning anyone can perform them.

The Open runs for five weeks, with one workout performed each week. We will be programming them into our normal programming and we are going to run an in-house event for the first and last workout at one of our locations. This will be fun!

Each gym is allowed to enter a 'team' for the Open. The scores from these teams get compared world wide against other teams. This in itself is cool! If your teams scores are good enough, you may earn your spot to move on to the next qualification, The Regionals. Some of you may train at various gyms so may be confused about which team you would join. It's as simple as this; "The more than half" rule. You need to train at the gym whose team you are on MORE than half of your training time. So for example, if you train 6 days per week; 4 of those are at RWC and 2 of those are at MV, you would be on the RWC team. Make sense? If you usually split gyms equally, you will either need to choose a location and make an effort to train more at that one, or don't enter in on a team. That doesn't mean you can't enter the Open, it just means you aren't part of a team. As trivial as this sounds, we need everyone to stick to this rule otherwise your team can possibly be in jeopardy of being disqualified and no one wants to be responsible for that!!

So, to recap -

Reasons to enter the Open:

* To be a part of the larger CrossFit Community (world wide)

* All your friends are going to be doing it

* You can compare your scores against Jason Khalipa 

* It's fun

* It's good to take yourself out of your comfort zone

* To improve your score from last year

* To be a part of Team NorCal and support your cool friends who are also doing it

* You get to 'leaderboard' for five weeks

* Gives you something to talk about with your co-workers 

* Gives you another reason to buy more workout clothes

* Because you don't want to 

Reasons to not enter the Open:

* There are none :-)

If you have any questions about the open or anything related to the Open and the CrossFit Games please email


EMOM 2 Front Squat (moderate load)



Max set Front squats (BW)

7 Burpee Box Jump Overs

5 rounds

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