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Posted on May 2, 2014

NorCal CrossFit May. 3rd 2014

REMINDER: Schedule Change this weekend 

Santa Clara is CLOSED Saturday and Sunday due to a Lvl 1 Seminar. 

Please visit one of our other locations, thank you for understanding!

Strength Club wearing their new team tanks for summer. Team tagline: "Where the above average get slightly better" ! These guys are also competing in comp this weekend, good luck team!!

Team Love!

Cheryl Licon - Team NC

How did you find CrossFit and what made you stick with it?

I got introduced to it while working at UCLA's Wooden Center by co-workers who were trainers. I distinctly remember performing a 7min AMRAP of hang cleans, push presses, and SDHP with 55lb and I was TOTALLY OWNED. I had to walk to class afterwards laden in sweat with my joints aching and heart rate jacked for the subsequent 45 minutes. I liked feeling like I accomplished something seemingly impossible and measuring my progress. I also liked being able to squat and clean with better form than the guys in sorority muscle tanks. I remember watching the 2009 Sectionals at Drake Stadium (UCLA's track) and it really opened my eyes to the world of competitive Crossfit. 

What drives you to compete?

My drive comes from within. I try to keep a balanced mindset; I have a lot of goals, but I also realize the importance of patience during the process. My training partners also help keep me grounded and lighthearted. 

What is your favorite all out – go for it cheat meal?

Deep dish meat lover's pizza, fried chicken, Cheetos, Cheez-Itz, Ghirardelli Double Chocolate Chunk brownies, Ben & Jerry's Americone Dream ice cream, hydrated with an IPA or Miller Lite (yes, the best light beer). #allofthefoodz #glutenisdelicious

If you were to sum up your team in a few words, how would you describe them?

Functionally dysfunctional Instagram junkies.

What do you want to see come up at Regionals?

Gymnastics and weightlifting.

What are you secretly (or maybe not so secretly) hoping does NOT come up at Regionals?

I dislike rowing... so that haha. And triple unders, which I've gotten a total of 7 in my lifetime... 

Do you have a lucky item of clothing that you always compete with?

I always wear this pair of Keroppi socks... that I've never washed because it'll wash the luck out. 

Jk! .... or am i? o_O



CrossFit Regionals TEAM EVENT 8 (modified)

In teams of 2:

12 Pullups

6 OH Squat (185/115lbs)

AMRAP 10min

* One person completes one round each before switching.


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Summer Wrap up Challenge - Last Week!

HERE are your teams!

More Challenge info HERE

Even MORE info HERE